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Order 1/2 or Whole Hog

at SkyPilot Farm you buy pork that lives in the outdoors and is supplemented with fresh veggies and milk
Sow and her piglet enjoying green beans

We raise a variety of pigs that are vibrant, healthy, and prized for their excellent flavor. Hogs are raised in the outdoors where they can root around in the ground and are kept in small peer groups.

We currently raise Berkshire, Hampshire, Hereford, and Tamworth breeds.

You may choose a hog fed either organic, non-GMO feed, or a conventional feed. Either way, your hog’s diet is supplemented with lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, and whey from the local cheese-making school.

The benefit of ordering in bulk is that you get to choose exactly which cuts you want and you pay a lower price per pound.

Pork Pricing

  • Organic-fed pork is $6.50/lb hanging weight
  • Conventional-fed pork is $4.50/lbs hanging weight
  • Your hog will be between 180 and 200lbs hanging weight
  • There are additional fees for curing hams and bacon and for linking sausages. Most people end up spending about $40-$50 to cure bacon and ham from a half pig.

What You Take Home

  • Expect to take home about 100-130lbs of meat.
  • Orders usually include: pork chops, hams, bacon, sausage, ribs, and shoulder roasts.
  • You may request custom cuts, like cottage bacon, jowels, and offal.

The Process:

      • Click below to put down your deposit and secure your tasty pork.
      • Once we have received your deposit, we’ll call or email you to get your cut sheet filled out and give you a pick-up date.
      • Give us a call or send us an email if you have questions or want more details.

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