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Order 1/2 or Whole Lamb

The benefit of ordering a half or whole lamb is that you get to choose exactly which cuts you want and you pay a lower price per pound.

Only our custom lamb orders are cut by a master butcher. To find out why using your local butcher gets you more meat and better quality, check out our post “Why You Need a Real Butcher”.

Lamb Pricing

  • Spring Lamb is $8/lb hanging weight
  • Your lamb will be between 55 and 65 lbs hanging weight
  • Butcher fee of $15 (for half) and $25 (for whole)
  • Whole roasting lambs are between $150 and $300

What You Take Home

  • Expect to take home about 25-30lbs of meat
  • Orders usually include: rack of lamb, loin chops, leg of lamb roasts, shoulder roasts, shanks, stew and ground lamb.
  • You can also request special cuts that can’t be found anywhere else like boneless rolled and tied breast, osso bucco shanks or neck, and boneless rolled and tied shanks.
  • Because your order is cut by a master butcher, you can also choose to take home your bones for broth, off-cuts for your dogs, as well as liver, kidneys, and hearts.

The Process:

      • Click below to put down your deposit and secure your tasty pork.
      • Once we have received your deposit, we’ll call or email you to get your cut sheet filled out and give you a pick-up date.
      • Give us a call or send us an email if you have questions or want more details.

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