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Start a Pork Buying Club

Your best option for sharing pork with family, friends, and neighbors.

A buying club allows you to to purchase and share the bounty of a whole animal with your friends, neighbors and family members who also want pork. You still get a lower price per pound and we limit cut options to make sure there is enough of each cut for everyone.

Lamb Pricing

  • Spring Lamb is $10/lb hanging weight
  • Your lamb will be between 40 and 50lbs hanging weight
  • Butcher fee of $15 (for half) and $25 (for whole)

What You Take Home

  • Expect to take home about 25-30lbs of meat.
  • We will help advise on how to divide the bounty with the number of people you want in your buying club.
  • A sample order usually includes: rack of lamb, loin chops, leg of lamb roasts, shoulder roasts, shanks, stew and ground lamb.


The Process:

    • Call us and we’ll confirm your reservation for our next available lamb on the spot.
    • Give us a call or check out our FAQ page if you’d like more details.
    • Click below and we’ll follow-up via email with our buying club terms, a harvest date, and a link for sending in a deposit.