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Pasture-raised and Happy

One of our Heritage Breed Polish Chickens

Our hens live out on pasture year-round where they can dig around and eat grass, seeds, and bugs. They’re fed a GMO-free ration. Even the store-bought organic eggs can’t compete with our happy hens on pasture. After you’ve experienced how much more rich and yellow pasture-raised eggs are, you won’t want to go back.

Our duck hens also live outdoors and spend March through October swimming the irrigation channels that run through our property. Sometimes they find so much algae and bugs to eat during the day that when they come home at night, they barely touch their feed.

  • Chicken eggs are $6/dozen
  • Duck eggs are $9/dozen


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  1. Chinh Dang says:


    When whole chickens become available, please let me know the price for each. For the short term I would like to buy two. I sure will get more if their meat are as good as I’m accutomed to for typical free range/organic poultry which have yellow skin, and the meat is not too tough or not too dry.

    Thank you
    Chinh Dang

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