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Why You Need A Real Butcher

  1. Take Home ALL Your Meat

I’ve seen the packages that come back from the processing plant and the packages that come back from our butcher, Nate. There’s really no comparison in terms of how much of your animal you get back when a butcher hand cuts your lamb instead of a band saw. Not only will you get more in terms of total weight, you’ll also get back off cuts for your dogs and bones for making bone broth. You don’t get those nutrient rich bits back from the processor!

  1. Cuts You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

The art of butchery is another art that is being lost over the years as we’ve streamlined and modernized agriculture. But a lot of the best recipes from all over the world were originally created with cuts of meat from the local butcher using hand tools. If you’re looking for osso bucco to make paella or boneless, rolled, and tied lamb breast to stuff with anchovies and olives, you’ll need hand-cut lamb that you can’t find anywhere else.

  1. Quality. Quality. Quality.

Not only do you get more meat and unique cuts back from the butcher, you’re also going to notice something about each of the standard cuts as well. They are fuller, with cleaner edges. There is just a preciseness that you can’t get as a processor who has to move 6 lambs through an hour. Your butcher is going to spend a full hour on each lamb, probably. That means glands are properly removed so as not to off flavor the meat. There are fewer off cuts that result in lots of little bits being thrown out. You’ll end up with truly beautiful cuts that result in stunning dishes for you and your family to enjoy.