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Herd Shares

Selling raw milk is illegal in most states, including Colorado.

But there is still a (somewhat round-about) way for you to provide nutritious, easy-on-the-stomach sheep milk and Jersey cow milk from our farm to your family.

When you join our program, you become a part owner, very similar to a veggie CSA.

You pay a boarding fee monthly, and pick up your shares of milk each week.

How It Works

You pay a one-time $50 herd buy-in and sign herdshare paperwork. You now own a portion of our dairy flock. Congrats!

*There is some fine print here. You’re a part owner, but you don’t get to make flock management decisions. Nor do you have to clean up sheep poop. You also cannot, for example, take a ewe to your daughter’s birthday party, though we agree it sounds fun.*

What You Get

Now you get to choose how many shares you need. A share is not equivalent to a specific amount of milk, it is a portion of all total milk produced.

*We consistently get about 5 gallons daily from our cows. So one share would be roughly one gallon. As their production fluctuates throughout the year, so will your share.*

Our herdshare program will run all year for cow milk,  from April to July for sheep milk. You need to provide 30 days notice to cancel your herdshare membership early.


Pick-Up and Jar Drop off

Per state law, pick-up is only available on farm.

Access to clean, sanitized bottles is critical to being able to run the herdshare program, so please make sure you bring back your jars every week.