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2017 Herd Shares

Selling raw milk is illegal in most states, including Colorado. But there is still a (somewhat round-about) way for you to provide nutritious, easy-on-the-stomach sheep milk from our farm to your family. Essentially, you pay a boarding fee for your sheep instead of paying directly for the milk.

How It Works

  1. You pay a one-time $10 herd buy-in and sign herdshare paperwork. You now own a portion of our dairy ewe flock. Congrats!

*There is some fine print here. You’re a part owner, but you don’t get to make flock management decisions. Nor do you have to clean up sheep poop. You also cannot, for example, take a ewe to your cousin’s birthday party to show everyone your brand new sheep.*

2. Now you get to choose how many shares you need. A single share gets you 1/2 gallon of the herd’s milk every week. You may buy as many shares as you like.

3. Then you will choose a day of the week and a location where you will pick-up your milk and drop off used jars every week.

4. Your boarding fee is due the first week of the month and can be paid hassle-free via a PayPal invoice delivered to your inbox.

Our 2017 herdshare program will run from March to September. You need to provide 30 days notice to cancel your herdshare membership early. At the end of the season, your $10 buy-in is either returned to you, or held on file for the next year.

Calculating Your Monthly Boarding Fee

  • One share gets you 1/2 gallon per week and costs $10
  • Two shares gets you 1 gallon per week and costs $20

Pick-Up and Jar Drop off

We will have pick-up locations at the farm. We are working on pick-up locations in Boulder and Fort Collins.

Access to clean, sanitized bottles is critical to being able to run the herdshare program, so please make sure you bring back your jars every week.