“Thanks For the Best Pork Chops Ever”

– Jason S.

Order 1/2 or Whole Hog

Stock up on the best tasting, healthiest pork available and stop worrying about what’s for dinner tonight.

-Pick the cuts YOU want to eat
-Easy payments with PayPal
-Personalized orders with help from your farmer

Order a 1/2 or whole hog for yourself, or split one with friends and family through a buying club. We’ll help you pick the cuts that make sense for you and will be available for questions throughout the process.

Pork Pricing

  • Organic-fed pork is $6.50/lb hanging weight
  • Conventional-fed pork is $4.50/lbs hanging weight
  • Your hog will be between 180 and 200lbs hanging weight
  • There are additional fees for curing hams and bacon and for making preservative and filler-free sausages. Most people end up spending about $40-$50 for a half hog.

What You Take Home

  • Expect to take home about 100-130lbs of meat.
  • A sample order usually includes: pork chops, hams, bacon, sausage, ribs, and shoulder roasts.
  • You may request custom cuts, like cottage bacon, jowels, and offal.

The Process:

      • Place your order above to hold your reservation. We’ll follow-up within a day to get your cut sheet filled out and to give you your pick up date.
      • Call us and we can take your reservation, get your cut sheet filled out, and to give you a pick-up date on the spot.
      • Click below and we’ll follow-up via email with additional details, recipes, and more.